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A practical element of the layette for parents-to-be is a baby swaddling blanket. It is an accessory which is useful in the first days of a baby's life. That is why it is worth to think about buying it in our e-shop before the birth - a newly-born mother will be provided with comfort in hospital. Moreover, cones for babies are a very practical solution after leaving the hospital - they make it easier to carry the baby to the car.

What are hornes?

They look like a rolled up duvet. However, they are safer than a duvet, because there is no risk that during the transfer of the baby they will unfold. They are sewn on so that mum and dad can transport the baby in peace, ensuring a pleasant wrapping. This is what makes it worth considering buying a cone for the baby. Shortly after being born, babies can feel insecure in their new surroundings. The feeling of tightness and wrapping provided by the proposed accessories allow the newborn to feel more secure and safe, as the conditions to some extent resemble those which he has recently left.

What to look out for when buying?

It is very important in the first days of a baby's life to guarantee him a sense of comfort and safety. That is why it is worth reaching for cones for babies made of exceptionally soft materials. In our online shop you will find products based on minky fleece, dedicated to the youngest. The fabric is extremely delicate to touch, so it does not irritate the baby's skin and does not cause any allergic reactions. It is also worth checking whether the product may be washed in a washing machine, as it allows to remove all dirt and microorganisms.

Hornes for babies at

In our online shop we offer products based on light materials, delicate for baby's skin. They are available in very attractive prices, thanks to which you can buy two pieces at once - in case of an "accident" in the form of contamination by a child. Not only will you be charmed by the price, but also by the wealth of pastel colours and charming patterns.