PRIVACY POLICY


                                                             Version dated May 25, 2018.


We are glad that you are interested in our company.


KOCYKOMANIA.PL takes the issue of privacy policy very seriously. That's why we make every effort to ensure that you never have to worry about protecting your personal information while browsing our website.

Visiting our site and viewing most information about the company, its products and services is possible without having to provide your personal information. However, on some subpages, such as registration subpages, we may ask you for certain information, some of which may be considered personal information.

This privacy policy sets out how we will use the personal information we receive from you, for example when you use our site. The policy may be subject to periodic updates. Accordingly, we advise you to look at this page regularly to stay abreast of changes and to be able to assess whether they are acceptable to you. This policy applies to all visitors to the website and all means of access, including but not limited to desktops and laptops, public Internet terminals and mobile devices.

By submitting your personal information through our site, you expressly consent to the use of that information in accordance with this privacy policy.

If you have any questions or comments on this matter, please contact our customer service through the "contact us" menu on our website.


1 Definitions


"KOCYKOMANIA.PL":Black Swan Edyta Durmowicz św. Czesawa 7/20 61-575 Poznań,

"User(s)": The user or users of the website, either collectively or individually, depending on the context;

"Website": the website accessible at the following main URL: www.kocykomania.pl

"Personal Data": any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.


2 What personal information do we collect?

On some subpages of this website, KOCYKOMANIA.PL will collect your personal data. KOCYKOMANIA.PL collects such data as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, financial data, user name and password, which are processed in order to take steps to conclude a contract at the request of the data subject, and to execute the contract - if it has been concluded, including the provision of services and sale of products, as well as when it is necessary for the fulfillment of the legally justified purposes of KOCYKOMANIA.PL, i.e. for the purpose of defense against possible claims or the assertion of possible claims. In addition, the telephone number and e-mail address shall be processed by the controller for the fulfillment of the legally justified purpose of direct marketing of its own products or services (in particular, if the data subject agrees to receive correspondence and commercial information regarding KOCYKOMANIA.PL's own products and services on the basis of separate regulations), or for other purposes to which the user consents, if required under applicable law. Users to whom the data pertains have the right to withdraw such consent at any time.


KOCYKOMANIA.PL processes data in accordance with the law, collects them for designated, lawful purposes and does not subject them to further processing incompatible with these purposes. Data is collected only to the extent adequate, necessary and necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed. KOCYKOMANIA.PL does not process special categories of personal data. Provision of data is voluntary, but necessary to take steps to conclude a contract or to execute it.


KOCYKOMANIA.PL makes every effort to protect customers' and users' personal data from unauthorized access by third parties, and in this regard uses organizational and technical security measures. KOCYKOMANIA.PL does not make personal data available to any unauthorized recipients. KOCYKOMANIA.PL may entrust another entity, through a written agreement, to process personal data on behalf of KOCYKOMANIA.PL. Data may be made available only to entities entitled to receive them under mandatory provisions of law.


3 Confidentiality of personal data

When using your personal data, KOCYKOMANIA.PL will comply with the provisions of this privacy policy and fulfill its legal obligations regarding the processing of personal data. 

KOCYKOMANIA.PL makes every effort to ensure the best possible protection of your personal data. It implements reasonable procedures for securing and protecting the collected data. KOCYKOMANIA.PL thus tries to prevent unlawful processing and accidental loss or deletion of your personal data.

KOCYKOMANIA.PL ensures optimal security of your personal data by:

- the use of encryption mechanisms where appropriate;

- using password protection;

- requesting contractual guarantees from third parties; and

- restricting access to your personal data (for example, allowing access only to KOCYKOMANIA.PL employees or to third parties performing an assignment for KOCYKOMANIA.PL after the conclusion of a relevant contract, who need the data for the purposes described below).


If you are asked to register as a user, KOCYKOMANIA.PL asks you to help protect your personal information by not using easy-to-guess passwords and/or usernames, to change your password regularly, and not to share your username, password or other information with others, and to store it securely.


4 How do we collect and store your personal information?

If you wish to use an area of our website that requires registration, you will be asked to provide the relevant data. In this case, KOCYKOMANIA.PL expressly stipulates that you will gain full access to the website only after providing the required information and accepting the relevant policies and conditions.

In addition, KOCYKOMANIA.PL may collect your personal information:

- when you create an online user account;

- when placing an order;

- when ordering a newsletter;

- when participating in a contest, sweepstakes or other promotion;

- when completing a survey;

- when submitting a complaint or request for information;

- when communicating with KOCYKOMANIA.PL by e-mail, telephone or any other means.


KOCYKOMANIA.PL may combine personal data collected through the website with personal data received by KOCYKOMANIA.PL through other means. It may store this data in one aggregate database or in several separate databases.

KOCYKOMANIA.PL will avoid collecting personal data that is not useful for the following purposes and will not keep personal data longer than necessary for those purposes, or, where applicable, longer than the period specified in the contract or by law.


5 What do we do with your personal data?

All personal data provided to KOCYKOMANIA.PL by you are stored on safe servers. In addition, KOCYKOMANIA.PL and its service providers will always make every effort to ensure the protection of your personal data. However, transferring information via the Internet will never be completely safe. Therefore, you always transmit personal information at your own risk.

KOCYKOMANIA.PL is entitled to use the personal information we collect for the following purposes ("purposes"):

- registering you as a user on the website and providing services through the website (including processing inquiries or requests for information regarding KOCYKOMANIA.PL, its products or services) and allowing you to freely use these services (such as blogs and forums);

- ensuring that the content of the website is presented in the most effective manner for you and your computer;

- handling orders placed through the website;

- processing and handling complaints or requests;

- researching and analyzing the market about once customers, products and services of KOCYKOMANIA.PL (e.g., by asking you to express your opinion about KOCYKOMANIA.PL products and services or to fill out a survey or questionnaire);

- Facilitating KOCYKOMANIA.PL's evaluation of its products and services, as well as making improvements and improvements to them;

- internal documentation;

- marketing, including providing you with information that you yourself request or that KOCYKOMANIA.PL believes may be of interest to you, provided that you have consented to be contacted about such matters (see the section below on direct marketing);

- organizing contests and/or other promotional activities;

- recruiting you (as long as you have provided KOCYKOMANIA.PL with information in this regard); and

- notifying you of certain changes in the services provided by KOCYKOMANIA.PL.


6 To whom are your personal data disclosed?


KOCYKOMANIA.PL does not disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent, except:

- when disclosure of such information is necessary to enable KOCYKOMANIA.PL's employees, agents, subcontractors, suppliers or contractors to provide services or perform tasks on behalf of KOCYKOMANIA.PL (including providing marketing support services, conducting market research or conducting customer service),to manage your membership, to provide existing or future products or services, or to participate in contests and/or other promotional activities;

- professional advisors to KOCYKOMANIA.PL;

- purchasers or potential purchasers of KOCYKOMANIA.PL's rights and obligations related to the website;

- if disclosure is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of KOCYKOMANIA.PL, its clients, or is required or permitted by law.


As a user, you acknowledge that any information you transmit through tools that make this information visible to others (e.g., blogs or forums) is made publicly available through these tools. Please keep this in mind and proceed with caution and care when you submit information through such tools.

Whenever KOCYKOMANIA.PL discloses your personal information to a carefully selected third party or one of the third parties mentioned above, such disclosure is made in accordance with applicable data protection laws. KOCYKOMANIA.PL shall ensure that it has provided appropriate preventive measures to prevent third parties from using your personal data for purposes other than those specified above, and that these third parties have taken appropriate security measures.

If KOCYKOMANIA.PL discloses your personal data to third parties located outside the EU, KOCYKOMANIA.PL is not allowed to transfer this personal data without taking measures to ensure the same level of protection for your personal data as within the EU.

KOCYKOMANIA.PL takes all reasonable precautions to ensure that its employees and associates with access to personal data have completed appropriate training and always process personal data in accordance with this policy and their obligations under applicable data protection laws. In the event of non-compliance with this policy or obligations, KOCYKOMANIA.PL has the right to take disciplinary action against such employees or associates as it deems necessary.


7 Direct marketing

On the registration pages and other subpages of this website, you may be asked to indicate whether you wish to receive certain information by email and/or post. If you agree, this means that you consent to KOCYKOMANIA.PL using your personal information to provide you with information about its products, promotional activities and special offers, as well as any other information about KOCYKOMANIA.PL products or services that KOCYKOMANIA.PL believes may be of interest to you. Even if you do not express such preferences, but you are a KOCYKOMANIA.PL customer, we may send you information by e-mail, but this will only be information regarding goods and services similar to those you have already purchased from us.

You may change your direct marketing preferences at any time by using the opt-out option included in each direct marketing e-mail, or, if you have registered as a user, by changing your account settings. In this case, KOCYKOMANIA.PL will not remove your personal data from its databases, but will note the change in preferences as soon as possible.


8 Your rights in relation to your personal data

Under certain data protection laws, you have the right to ask KOCYKOMANIA.PL to provide you with certain information or to take certain actions with respect to the personal data you provide to KOCYKOMANIA.PL. If permitted by law, KOCYKOMANIA.PL may charge an adequate fee for such service.

First and foremost, users whose personal data are processed have the right to request from the controller access to the content of their personal data, the right to rectify, erase or restrict the processing of their personal data, and the right to object to the processing in statutorily defined cases, as well as the right to portability of their data. Users whose data are affected also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority in case of unlawful processing of her personal data.

KOCYKOMANIA.PL kindly requests your assistance in ensuring that the personal data it holds is as accurate and up-to-date as possible. If you believe that the personal information you have provided to KOCYKOMANIA.PL is incorrect or incomplete, please notify customer service as described below. KOCYKOMANIA.PL will correct or update your personal information as soon as possible.

Users who have registered on the website may also make changes to their personal information on their accounts themselves at any time.

In addition, users have the right to refuse to consent to the processing of their personal data and to request the deletion of their personal data, but they should have serious reasons for doing so, such as if the processing of their personal data would have an adverse effect on them or if the data can no longer be used for the purpose for which it was collected.

If data users have consented to the processing of their personal data for one or more specified purposes, they have the right to withdraw their consent at any time without affecting the lawfulness of the processing that was carried out on the basis of the consent before its withdrawal.

The Administrator does not carry out automated processing of personal data.


If you wish to exercise any of the above rights, please contact KOCYKOMANIA.PL customer service by sending an e-mail to biuro@KOCYKOMANIA.PL.


9 Links

This website may contain links to or from other websites over which KOCYKOMANIA.PL has no control. KOCYKOMANIA.PL will make every effort to ensure that links placed on its website lead only to sites that provide the same standards of security and confidentiality as KOCYKOMANIA.PL. However, we are not responsible for the protection or confidentiality of any information you provide on such sites. Before you provide any information on such sites, we recommend that you read their privacy policies and other provisions in this regard.

KOCYKOMANIA.PL strives to continuously improve the operation of its site for the benefit of its users. For this reason, some subpages use cookies.


Accepting cookies is a condition for using the KOCYKOMANIA.PL website. However, if you block the use of cookies, our website and service will only operate with limited functionality.


Cookies are small text files installed by your browser on your computer so that the website recognizes you on your next visit. With the help of a cookie, KOCYKOMANIA.PL is able to determine which subpages of its website are the most popular, since cookies tell KOCYKOMANIA.PL which subpages are visited by users and how much time users spend browsing them. Based on the aggregate data, KOCYKOMANIA.PL can make changes to its website to better meet users' requirements and expectations. Thanks to cookies, KOCYKOMANIA.PL can, for example, ensure that the information displayed on your monitor during your next visit to its site takes your preferences into account.

The website, as well as some notifications, such as promotional emails, may contain web beacons. These are small graphic elements or objects embedded in a web page or e-mail, which are usually invisible to the user, but allow KOCYKOMANIA.PL to check whether the user has viewed the page or e-mail. Web beacons generally function in conjunction with cookies. KOCYKOMANIA.PL uses both in the same way.

For more information in this regard, please see our cookie policy.


11. minors

Persons under the age of 18 should not provide us with their personal data without the consent and supervision of a parent or guardian. Without this consent, KOCYKOMANIA.PL will not record the data of such persons, process it or transfer it to third parties.


Data Administrator:


Black Swan Edyta Durmowicz św. Czesawa 7/20 61-575 Poznań


12 Applicable law

The applicable law for this privacy policy is Polish law.