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Comfort and convenience - knitted blankets

Bamboo blankets are the perfect choice for moms inspired by Scandinavian style, which combines textures and natural colors to give baby a sense of comfort and coziness. We associate plaid knit with comfort and warmth. Cotton and bamboo blankets are both soft and extremely durable, making it possible for our baby to rest comfortably both during outdoor walks and an afternoon nap. The fabric from which they are made protects the baby from both cooling and overheating. Knitted fabric gives warmth during colder days, and thanks to the fact that it absorbs moisture and evaporates it easily and cools pleasantly during warmer ones. The baby blankets are available in two pastel colors. Our blankets are lightweight and pleasant to the touch, and babies do not want to part with them and can be used from the first days after birth. They do not irritate the sensitive infant skin and are not allergenic.The product is 100% safe for children.