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We would like to introduce you to non-stretchable pillowcase filled bed sheets for baby cribs. Thanks to such a design, they not only look aesthetically pleasing, but also allow you to comfortably put the baby to sleep. The changing baby's feet will not push the warm comforter out of the fabric, so it has a comfortable cover at all times.

Infant duvets with filling offered by our brand, are made of incredibly soft materials, making them ideal for the sensitive skin of the baby. Soft cotton combined with velvet give an extremely charming combination. Precise sewing and meticulous attention to every detail make our products not only look phenomenal, but also extremely pleasant to the touch. Thanks to this, our bed sheets with infant crib filling can be used from the first moments of life. Although they provide excellent warmth, they are very lightweight. Because of this, a young mother can wrap her newborn baby in our blanket and carry her baby in our comforter with ease.

Perfect gift idea

Each of our sets of infant bedding with filling, thanks to the precise workmanship will be perfect as a gift. Not only for birthdays, but also for occasional holidays, including christening. Among the proposals, you will find crib sets kept in soft pink perfect for a girl. In turn, for a boy we have prepared a mild celadon color. In addition, we supplemented the design of our products with extremely friendly animal motifs. A smiling teddy bear, bunny or roe deer will undoubtedly harmonize with all the cute baby accessories.

Nevertheless, each set of our bedding with filling for children is suitable not only for the crib. Without hesitation, the comforter can be arranged for the gondola while walking. In case of any dirt, after following the washing instructions, the proposed products retain their softness even during the most intensive use.