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The travel-birthing bag is designed for mothers who are getting ready to go to the hospital to give birth and people who appreciate practical large bags. It is an ideal accessory that will serve your family for a long time! The birthing bag, is available in our online store, made of practical materials, provides comfort and durability. It is equipped with roomy compartments that can be adjusted to fit different needs and items needed during trips. It has comfortable shoulder handles for carrying the bag. In addition, it is equipped with an adjustable length strap, which ensures that the bag can be carried comfortably and securely. It also has side pockets for storing small items such as keys or tissues. Deciding to buy it, you pay not only for a solid design, but most importantly for aesthetics. Without the slightest problem you can fit all the necessary baby items in it, from toys to clothes to cosmetics.

Travel / birthing bag - fashionable and practical!

Online store is a place where you can successfully supply a delivery / travel bag, so you can conveniently pack all the necessary things for your baby. Are you going away for the weekend? Or maybe you are going on a slightly longer trip? Thanks to the dimensions of the item offered in the online store, you can easily fit everything you need for long trips.