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Made of warm material, the muff is a practical gadget, thanks to which you do not have to worry about protecting your hands from the cold during long autumn and winter walks with your child. The muff is attached to the handle of the stroller, wrapping the hands of the person driving with a warm layer of material. It prevents hands from freezing during long exposure to the cold. Depending on the temperature and preference, the muff can be used without or with gloves. Attaching directly to the stroller reduces the possibility of it getting lost, falling off and getting dirty. In addition, it allows you to quickly extend your hand without hindering your movements while caring for your baby. Convenient fastening with press studs allows for quick installation and removal of the accessory. Spending time outdoors is a very important part of the day for parents and children, during which the little ones not only learn about the world, but also harden their bodies, build immunity and develop their senses. Stroller muffs are one of the solutions that allow parents to comfortably spend time with their children in all weather conditions. Stroller muffs inside are made of heat-holding velvet. The outer waterproof layer protects against getting wet in rain and snow.