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From the first days of your baby's life, you are concerned for his or her safety. You make sure that your baby is adequately protected and feels comfortable. His comfort is a priority for you - both during the day and at night. The help for you may be the baby cocoons available in our online shop, which will pleasantly wrap your baby and guarantee exceptional comfort.

What are baby cocoons?

It is an accessory that is helpful when taking care of babies. The product consists of a nice in touch mattress and a soft tube surrounding it, which effectively protects the baby against rolling away. The baby can safely fall asleep inside, on a soft mattress filled with antiallergic silicone ball. The edges slightly protruding above the mattress create a space of comfort for the baby. The soft wrap creates a safe zone for your little one, making this accessory perfect for the cot and pram. The baby cocoon can be placed in the parents' bed, the sleeping baby will have enough space to feel comfortable, and the parents can't stop worrying about pressing their baby with their body.

Which cocoon for the cot should I choose?

In view of the purpose, the most important thing is the material used to make it. A very interesting proposal - available, among others, in our online shop - are minky baby blankets. They are partly made of soft, very pleasant to the touch fabric (minky polyester), which does not irritate the baby's sensitive skin. Moreover, it does not cause any allergic reaction, which is due to the previously mentioned special mattress insert. It is also worth paying attention to the dimensions.

Practical models in the shop

Products offered in our online shop are practical baby accessories at very attractive prices. The products are designed for children from birth up to 12 months. They also have an option to dissolve the bottom element, and later they can serve older children as a comfortable seat. So you actually get two products for the price of one - and they are of very high quality.