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Blankets are one of the most important items in a baby's layette. Their primary function is to cover the baby while sleeping or resting, but depending on the need they can serve as a mattress, protection from the sun, and also act as a mascot that gives the toddler a sense of security. For this reason, the purchase of a blanket should be a thoughtful choice. Blankets are close to toddlers from their first days of life. They are in direct contact with the baby's skin, for this reason, the material and workmanship of the cover are of great importance. In addition to this, the material should allow air to pass through, preventing the toddler from overheating, a good example of such a fabric is bamboo. Blankets for babies made of material marked with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate is a guarantee of safety and high quality of the product. The blanket will not irritate the baby's skin, and will not lead to sweating. They fit well in the carrycot. Blankets of size 80x100 will work well for infants and older children.