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While walking, they become an essential piece of stroller equipment - the carrycot sets from our store are extremely pleasant to the touch quilts and pillows. The sets are made of premium cotton, so they are unbelievably soft and ideal from the first moments of life.

For long and short walks

Undoubtedly, every mother will appreciate the convenience of their use, as all our carrycot sets are double-sided. Thus, in an instant you can almost intuitively cover the inside of the stroller or gently cover your baby with a blanket. In turn, for the filling of the quilt we used a silicone fleece, which provides excellent warmth. The entire set is made up of products dedicated to even the most sensitive skin.

Each of our gondola sets is designed to provide warmth to the baby. Nonetheless, each quilt and cushion is given incredible visual appeal. Pale pink or subtle celadon are the dominant colors in our sets. Therefore, they will perfectly blend in with the rest of the baby accessories, which are available on the market in similar shades. Thanks to this, any fashionable mom, deciding on our gondola set, will not only take care of her baby, but will show an extraordinary sense of style.

Products not only for the stroller

The following sets for the gondola will also be ideal as equipment in the child's room. These are universal sets, so you can use them in your kid's crib without hesitation. The colors given and the depth of color of the applied graphics make the whole set will fit into any bedroom. In addition, they are perfect as an everyday blanket or play mat - their softness will provide a pleasant space for playfulness.

In turn, if the set gets dirty, the quilt and pillow can be washed in the washing machine without any worries. Even after repeated cleaning, they will retain their correct colors and shape and softness for years.