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The butterfly pillow is a versatile accessory that enhances the safety and comfort of the child during travel. The contoured shape and appropriate elastic filling, makes the pillow has an anti-shock effect. The baby's head, placed in the hollow in the center, is wrapped with wings, positioned in a safe and natural way. The characteristic shape of the butterfly makes the pillow prevent the head from twisting and sliding, while not compressing it.

Application of the butterfly pillow

Due to its anti-shock effect, the butterfly pillow is ideal for use as a headrest in a car seat. It will also work well as a bolster for a stroller, protecting the baby's delicate head during walks on uneven ground. Useful as a headrest in rocking chairs, baby carriers, and also as a support during feeding. Butterfly pillow is suitable for newborns, infants and preschool children.

Construction of the butterfly pillow

Butterfly pillow made of high-quality anti-allergenic materials that guarantee safety in use. Soft, pleasant fabric provides high comfort for the child. Springy filling made of silicone balls prevents deformation of the bolster. The colorful, attractive pattern of the fabric makes it a stylish addition to the baby's layette, which will delight both the little ones and parents. When looking for a pillow for a stroller or car seat, consider the advantages and versatility of the butterfly pillow.