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We present solutions that will bring under control scattered blocks, toy cars or figurines in the room of any child, as well as a practical addition to the bathroom, where you can hide clothes or towels. Our lockable baskets allow you to conveniently bury all kinds of objects and accessories, and thus make an original decorative element.

Convenient to use

All offered lockable storage baskets are made of waterproof material, and their interior is reinforced with stiffened fleece. Thus, regardless of whether they store items or are empty inside - they always allow themselves to stand stably anywhere in the room. Nevertheless, they can easily be folded and stored in a drawer when needed. In addition, they are equipped with ergonomic handles that allow them to be easily carried despite the impressive number of items put inside.

Our baskets are closed with a puller, which prevents blocks and figurines from spilling out. This is a convenient solution, as it makes it possible to slide our products flat under the bed, for example. Thanks to the materials used to create them, you can easily get rid of dirt quickly.

Each of our lockable storage baskets presents an extremely striking design. The solution is so versatile that it will perfectly fit into the arrangement of both a child's room, but also an elegant bathroom or a tasteful bedroom. Inside our products will fit a significant number of underwear and laundry or any other small items stored in the closet.